Comedy Magic Show

The experience is best summed up by Jon Wander of the Pittsburgh Chronicle who writes, “…sometimes dangerous, often hilarious!”

The Hollywood Gazette put it this way: “Avi’s show moves from rip-roaring-funny, to edge-of-your-seat-dangerous, to you’ll-be-awake-all-night-trying-to-figure-out-how-he-did-that, and back again, in nothing flat.”

Recommended for adult and teen audiences, The Magical Comedy of Avi is a hilarious hour of clean comedy magic. This show can be performed practically anywhere, from the biggest stage to your company’s conference room to your living room at home.

This is not a children’s “birthday party” show. Although children are welcome, some of the illusions can be scary or dangerous. If you are looking for a children’s magician, please contact us and we will happily customize a show or refer someone for you.