Comedy Magic with a Jewish Message

Comedy Magician Avi Frier is a Torah-observant Jew and former Jewish educator. He has performed across the country and around the world, entertaining celebrities, appearing on television, and performing for large corporations, private parties, and in public showcases.

MORE THAN MAGIC: When you book The Magical Comedy of Avi for your Jewish organization, you also get a Torah-based, real-life educational program for teens, college students, and/or adults. This program can be delivered as a separate talk or set within Avi’s comedy magic act.

Mussar From The Dice Man:
“How I Pursued My Dream Career Without Compromising Torah Values”

This performance needs to be seen by every Jewish student in the United States.

Rabbi Kalman Rosenbaum
Torah Day School, Atlanta, GA

Show business and Orthodox Judaism are two worlds that can be diametrically opposed; Avi has consequently dealt with numerous religious challenges throughout his career.

This entertaining program is a Torah-based, interactive discussion in which Avi shares five simple rules he has learned over the years, which have enabled him to pursue his unorthodox dream career without compromising his Torah observance. Each rule is colorfully illustrated with stories “from the trenches” of the world of entertainment.

Program Content

Intro: Follow Your Dreams
What we learn from Yosef (Joseph) about the significance of our dreams and how they affect us and the people around us.

Rule #1: Stick To Your Guns
What the Torah portion of Ki Tavo teaches us about the importance of being unwavering in our dedication, both to our dreams and our Torah values.

Rule #2: Unleash Your Niche
A lesson from the Rosh Hashanah machzor that highlights each person’s obligation to find his/her unique purpose in the world.

Rule #3: DIY a Rabbi
The Mishna in Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) famously imparts the necessity to have a rebbe we can turn to with our questions; with closer examination, we can also learn exactly the way the relationship should (and should not) be treated.

Avi’s interactive presentation about not compromising Torah values in the workplace conveyed an important message to our students… his listeners [were] attentive from beginning to end.

Rabbi Jonathon Green
Yeshiva University High School

Rule #4: Remember The School Bus Speech
The imperative of making a Kiddush Hashem (sanctifying God’s name), avoiding Chilul Hashem (desecrating God’s name), and always behaving as though the entire world is watching (because they are!). This segment sheds light on the program’s title and shares religious advice Avi received from the most unlikely of sources.

Rule #5: Give Back!
What we learn from the Torah portion of Vayakhel about the essential role creative people play in Jewish life, and our responsibility to contribute our talents for the benefit of the community.

Program Format

Depending on the audience and event format, there are multiple ways this program can be presented.

Avi’s message is extremely powerful and important for Jewish students everywhere to hear.

Rabbi Chaim Harpaz
Norfolk, VA

Interactive Lecture:
Presentation in Keynote format, followed by Q&A. This can be optionally capped with a 10-minute magic performance.

Comedy Magic Performance with Lecture:
The show begins like any other performance, with the Interactive lecture inserted just before the show’s finale. In many cases, the audience does not know in advance that there is an educational component to the show (in fact, they are sometimes surprised to discover that the performer is a Torah observant Jew). This can dramatically increase the impact of the lecture.

In-Depth Examination of Torah Sources:
Avi provides two pages of Torah sources with questions for discussion. These can be studied with a teacher or in a chaburah format, with Avi’s interactive lecture serving as a wrap-up. Alternatively, they can be distributed as a companion to the lecture.

Multiple Venues:
The program can be split between two completely different times and venues. For example, Avi may perform his comedy magic show for a Jewish school’s gala dinner, and then speak to the students in school the next day. For a shul event, Avi may present the educational program on Shabbat and perform on Saturday night.

What Educators Are Saying…

Avi did a wonderful job inspiring the members of our JFX community about the importance of pursuing their dreams without compromising their religious beliefs and values. I highly recommend him for all audiences and communities!Rabbi Sruly Koval
Jewish Family Experience
Cleveland, Ohio
Avi was featured as our launch presenter on Aish UK’s campus programme at University of Liverpool last year. Combining his unique and inspiring talent of educating and entertaining, he gave our programme the perfect start and the students still talk about his session! We look forward to welcoming Avi back to the UK.Joshua Salter
Aish UK Campus Co-Director
Avi’s interactive presentation about not compromising Torah values in the workplace conveyed an important message to our students. By interspersing it with comedy, magic, and some great stories, he had his listeners attentive from beginning to end.Rabbi Jonathon Green
Dean of Students (former)
Yeshiva University High School for Boys
I have never seen middle schoolers so engaged in a Torah session as they were when Avi creatively integrated many fascinating Torah concepts together as he related the important decisions he made while launching his career!Rabbi Eli Lob
Greater South Coordinator, Southern NCSY
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Best speaker we’ve ever had.Rabbi Netanel Yudin
Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Ashreinu
This performance needs to be seen by every Jewish student in the United States.Rabbi Kalman Rosenbaum
Head of School (retired)
Torah Day School, Atlanta, GA
Avi’s message is extremely powerful and important for Jewish students everywhere to hear. When they hear it from an authority figure they may be less interested in accepting such a message, but from an entertainer like Avi, it is more likely to greatly affect their ambitions in life.Rabbi Chaim Harpaz
Norfolk, VA