Quotes you can use to publicize the show

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The quotes on this page may be used in your materials publicizing the show. Use as many or as few of these as you wish, however…

  • Do not edit or substitute any text without prior consent.
  • Do not use partial quotes without prior consent. Each paragraph on this page is a quote. If you wish to use one of them, use the entire paragraph; if you need to shorten a quote, contact us with the proposed text you’d like to use.

The show should be referred to as:

The Magical Comedy of Avi

Standard Bio:

Avi Frier has performed his unique brand of comedy magic for audiences around the world since 1986, when at the age of 16, he blew the entire salary from his summer job buying tricks at a magic shop. (But don’t worry, we booked him for the comedy magic show, not a seminar on financial responsibility!) Avi has performed in comedy clubs, cruise ships, corporate events, and the occasional birthday party, and we look forward to welcoming him to our event!

Feel free to replace the words “our event” with the actual name of your event. Prior consent is not required for this change.

Quotable Quotes:

See the show that the Hollywood Gazette described as moving “from rip-roaring-funny, to edge-of-your-seat-dangerous, to you’ll-be-awake-all-night-trying-to-figure-out-how-he-did-that, and back again, in nothing flat.”

Or, a shorter version of the above:
“Rip-roaring funny”
– The Hollywood Gazette

Hollywood’s Best Entertainer, 2013
– Voted by the readers of The Hollywood Gazette

“Sometimes dangerous…often hilarious.”
– The Pittsburgh Chronicle

Jewish Organizations: If you have also booked Avi for his Torah lecture, “Mussar From The Dice Man” these may be added to the Standard Bio above or used on their own:

An Orthodox Jew in a very unorthodox profession, Avi regularly speaks to student groups on how he pursued his dream career without compromising his Torah values.

Avi Frier is an Orthodox Jewish entertainer who has performed his comedy magic act across the United States and around the world. Come learn how he balances his unorthodox profession and his observance of Torah and mitzvot. Whether you dream of seeing your name in lights or following a more traditional career path, you’ll be entertained while you learn how Torah can guide us, no matter where we want to go.


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