Technical & Room Setup Requirements

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The information on this page also appears in the contract that you signed when you booked The Magical Comedy of Avi (unless other arrangements were agreed upon beforehand). It is important to treat all of these requirements as contractual obligations, because (1) their sole purpose is to ensure the best possible performance, and the audience’s maximum enjoyment of the show; and (2) they ARE contractual obligations!


  • Minimum stage or performance area is 16’ wide x 12’ deep.
  • Stage height requirements:
    • 40 or fewer in audience: No stage required
    • 40-100 in audience: at least 12”
    • 100-300 in audience: at least 24” with steps
    • 300+ in audience: at least 36” with steps
  • The audience should be seated no closer than 8’ from the stage, and no further than 16’.
  • For best results, audience should be seated theater-style, in rows, with an aisle down the middle.
  • No one (including other performers) is permitted on stage or performance area during the show, unless expressly invited by performer. If the stage or performance area is to be shared by other performers, their equipment need not be completely removed, but must be cleared from the required 16’ x 12’ performance area prior to the show.
  • All seating must be set up in front of the stage or performance area. No spectators may be seated (or standing) next to or behind the stage or performance area.
  • The performance area must be within twenty feet of two grounded (three-prong) 110 volt outlets.
  • There are to be no mirrors on the wall behind the stage or performance area or on the ceiling above. Permanent mirrors must be covered.


  • For audiences of 400 or fewer, if no suitable sound system is available for Performer’s use, a sound system will be provided at no charge.
  • For audiences larger than 400, an appropriate sound system must be provided, along with a sound technician familiar with the system. A suitable system is available upon request; rental fees may apply.
  • Sound system must have three available inputs (¼” or XLR). One input may be in the form of two RCA plugs.


  • For audiences of 100 or fewer, house lights are satisfactory unless area is unusually dark; a spotlight or stage lights are recommended for best audience experience.
  • Stage lights and darkened house lights are highly recommended for audiences over 100, and are required for audiences over 300.


  • A private place for the setup of the Show and for changing clothes available for Performer’s exclusive use beginning at least ninety minutes prior to the Show’s scheduled start time and for one hour after the end of the Show.
  • At least 1 liter of chilled seltzer, club soda, or sparkling water, with a tall cup filled to the top with ice.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: There is to be NO beverage or wait staff service during performance.

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THIS INFORMATION TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. Full cooperation of venue staff is required for a successful performance!


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