What Will Become of the Holiday Party?

In today’s economy, businesses are doing whatever they can to cut costs. And one area that seems a no-brainer in the cost-cutting category is to drastically downgrade the company holiday party. Parties that were once held in hotel ballrooms have been moved to restaurants; those held in restaurants have been moved to the boss’s house or the company conference room.

For the most part, employees understand that budgets are tight and priorities need to be set when it comes to spending.

Still, it’s hard to predict the effect it will have on staff morale when the company holiday party goes from


So, how do you cut costs, yet still send the very important message of appreciation to your valued employees? Reader’s Digest said it best: Laughter is the best medicine. Leave them laughing, and it won’t matter that you cut out the glitz. Few even notice that the party had been any more elaborate in previous years. As the evening comes to a close, many are heard saying, “I liked this a lot better than what we’ve done before.”

(Warning: Shameless plug ahead!)

The Magical Comedy of Avi affordably combines comedy magic with customized company-specific humor. Howls of laughter fill the room as your employees and guests guffaw at their favorite subject: Themselves. The Magical Comedy of Avi is your fun solution for this year’s company party:

  • Affordability: Get a high-energy 30-60 minute show for less than the cost of just one of the party add-ons many companies are cutting out this year.
  • Fun: This is not your 8-year-old’s birthday party magic! To quote the Hollywood Gazette: “Avi’s show moves from rip-roaring-funny, to edge-of-your-seat-dangerous, to you’ll-be-awake-all-night-trying-to-figure-out-how-he-did-that, and back again, in nothing flat.”
  • Portability: Avi can perform just about anywhere, from a 1,000-seat theater to a hotel ballroom; from a restaurant party room to the boss’s living room.

This year, cut costs without cutting fun. Click here to book the Magical Comedy of Avi.

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